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1st Place

"A WWII Christmas"
by: Mighty Frog

Congratulations Mighty Frog!

2nd Place

"It's Just What I Wanted"
by: Kevin "Hollywood" Lee

Congratulations Hollywood!

3rd Place

"Christmas Truce"
(Christmas on the Western Front-1918)
by: SWAT Doc

Congratulations SWAT Doc!

Congratulations to all our fine contest winners! All the judges in this contest wanted me to assure you troops that this was definitely a hard mission for them. But they finally managed to narrow it down to three. So again my congratulations to all the winners for their terrific work! You winners need to pick from the list below:
Contest Prizes:
  • Arctic Sniper blister pack figure.
  • MAC-V SOG blister pack figure.
  • 82nd Airborne Pathfinder Uniform Set w/nude super soldier figure, 506th Pathfinder head sculpt.
  • 82nd Airborne Pathfinder Uniform Set.
  • TOW Missile system set.
  • Villain weapons set.
Here's how the prizes work. The first place winner, Mighty Frog, will pick two of the prizes from the list. And from the remaining four prizes, second place winner, Kevin "Hollywood" Lee, will pick two prizes. And our third place winner, Swat Doc, will receive the remaining two prizes.

Personally I'd like to thank all you troops who sent in submissions this year. It was a great turn out, and all you men are winners in my book! I wish I could have afforded to give everyone a prize! Since all you guys who didn't win did such a great job though, I decided to permanently display your photos on this page as well. Some outstanding work here for sure! I'm sure glad I wasn't a judge. Special thanks to all of you for sharing your great ideas and your Holiday Spirit with us! --


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