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By: One Shot

Another desk with Randy's figures. Does he have a lot of what?

Even Randy's floor barely has room to walk on.

A hot toyz MOPP set...REALLY COOL! (and to think i passed on it at the 21c con)

A rear view of the MOPP set. (part of Randy's collection)

Even SFC Bullard showed his face at the latest meeting!

You can see that Randy has quite a collection of German Dragon figures.

All in all we had plenty of fun sitting around talking Joes, Sams and Adams. I did manage to win a raffle which was a SWAT Commander (thanks Randy)!. The turn out for this meeting reached about 15 or so fellow collectors which was pretty cool. I did manage to do a photo shoot using Flint's 'Nam guys and one of Randy's Chow figures dressed in 21c's new Vietcong black pajama sets. Stay tuned in the site updates for new photo's...One Shot out!


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