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Best Multi-Figure Action Scene
Photo Contest

Ok men, we've got another photo contest for everyone! It's time to pull out a bunch of your 1/6th scale troops and set up the best Action Scene you can. Photos will be judged on the amount of action displayed in your photo, setup, backgrounds and overall realism. You can use as few as 4 or 5 soldiers or as many as you like to create your scene. We're looking for a dramatic effect here, so as many 1/6th scale troops you can squeeze in the better. An inside or outside photo shoot, it doesn't make a difference here, just as long as the end result is realistic (and that includes the background of your photo of course). So that means no troops fighting around your living room couch :) So now let's go over the rules:
  • Any brand action figure can be used in this contest, but they must sport 100% Ultimate Soldier uniforms. I suppose if you have a Hasbro or Dragon pistol in a holster somewhere, it should be ok, but not any more obvious than that. So this means no multi-brand kitbashes.
  • Vehicles can be used if you wish. You can use any brand vehicle.
  • Customized 21st items are allowed, but this is not a customizing contest - it's a scene setup contest.
  • Any 21st line can be used, including any era Military, America's Finest or Villains.
  • Any scene accessories, such as sandbags, oildrums, 1/6th scale food products, furniture, custom items, etc. can be any brand other than 21st Century Toys products.
  • No photo enhancements will be allowed in this contest.
  • Other special effects will be allowed such as figure support (strings, sticks, wires, etc.), but to pass the realism test you must hide these from the camera's eye.
  • No fixed base dioramas allowed, this is a "setup" contest.
  • Only one entry per contestant.
  • Photos must be .jpg file format
  • If your photo is a horizontal shot, it must be at least 640 pixels wide.
  • If your photo is a vertical shot, it must be at least 400 pixels wide.
  • (No blurry photos entries please).

All entries must be received before November 25th, 2001. Please submit your photos via email to GreenLeader here at this address Make SURE you put the words "Photo Contest Entry" in the subject line of your email. Winners will be announced December 2nd, 2001.

Now for the good stuff, the prizes! If you win first place in the Best Multi-Figure Action Scene Contest, you will be able to choose from any single boxed Ultimate Soldier set (subject to availability of course). Since your figure will be ordered online and sent to you, choosing a set you've seen on the internet for sale would sure help us out here at the Unofficial Fan Page.

Second Prize will be your choice of an Ultimate Soldier Uniform Set, subject to availability as above.

Third Prize will be your choice of an Ultimate Soldier Weapons Set. (Same as above with availability.)

So get out those soldiers and your trusty camera and let's have some fun!


Very special thanks and a sharp salute to fellow trooper GrandSport for donating the prizes for this contest!


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